What we believe in OYA, is that success requires the highest standards of cooperate behaviour towards our employees, customers and the society in which we live. To achieve these objectives, we depend on our resources, planning, social responsibility, environment, staffing policy, business ethics and H.S.E policy.

Our trucks, transitional human, material and technological resources give us the assurance that OYA WASTE is capable of assuming total waste management and of providing a comprehensive waste delivery programme which includes: Waste disposal, sewage disposal, waste management, pollution control, procurement and site support services.

All our business will deliberately develop local potentials and resources to meet global economic need.
We operate a planning and management system based on timeline, Microsoft and primavera.

All our business activities will conform to stringent standards of environmental responsibility.
Our staff strength is our primary asset and premium stock. Our company’s staffing is based on providing any task with an experienced and technically competent waste managementteam consisting of personnel who have worked with the group for some years.

All our business activities will deliberately subscribe to the norms of honestly, accountability and professional confidentiality.

Implementation of documented Company’s Health Safety and Environment policy is our ultimate responsibility to maintain a safe and health) working environment for all its employees. For a detailed policy statement, please see our HSE Policy manual.

Oya Waste Management Limited CASHES Policy is formulated to meet the statutory requirement laid down in law regarding the health, safety
and security of all our employees and also takes account of the concerns and the maintenance of good relationships with the host community.
This management is responsible for the implementation of this policy.
Implementation ofthe company’s HSE Policy means that:
• HSE are considered as a personal responsibility of all Oya Waste Management Limited employees.
• Good relationships are maintained with the host community.
• Hazards associated with activities are highlighted and safety measures to eliminate those have been eliminated
• The H.S. E Policy is made an inseparable part of the overall business management targets and is given equal attention as production
• profit appraisal, training and education.
• Statutory regulations are always obeyed.
Healthy, safety and security of employees and any other persons connected with Oya Waste Management Limited activities are
• guaranteed at all times.
• Environmental pollution is not created.

By definition slop oil treatment is one of the most technically demanding applications for separation technology. Originating from many sources, slop oils vary widely in composition and physical properties. One common factor is that they contain both water and solid impurities, coarse as well as fine. In addition, the oil and water frequently form a very tight emulsion, often stabilized by fine particle contamination. Slop oils are of no value without special processing, and are expensive in terms of storage, disposal, and can be very environmentally unfriendly, especially if stored in a pond open to the atmosphere. This variability of the feedstock is one of the key problems when trying to reliably achieve an effective and efficient separation of the solid, aqueous and oil phases.
All Oya Waste Management Limited employees are required to perform their work in accordance with this policy. A job which in the opinion of an employee cannot be executed in accordance with this policy must be stopped and reported to management for resolution in accordance with this policy. .
It is Oya Waste Management Limited moral responsibility to provide a place of employment which is free from recognized hazards. This policy is the cornerstone of our HSE manual, and is communicated openly and at every opportunity of clients, employees, vendors and sub ­ contractors